Tuesday, December 20, 2016

33 reasons why you will love GeneSoc more as it turns 33 today

Words by Joana Cruz (Cyclosome) 

1. It opened our eyes to the marvelous world of Sports Genetics. 

For Genetics Week 2016, GeneSoc highlighted the current advances of Genetics in the field of sports.

2. And invited Prof. Hercules Callanta of UPD’s College of Human Kinetics.

to discuss gene doping, the makings of a champion athlete, and the genetics of athletic performance

3. As well as high school students from Christian School International in Los Baños.

Video: facebook.com/GeneSoc1983/videos/10153873615691816/
to further emphasize that athleticism may be traced down to the interaction and expression of our genes, aside from the fact that it may be influenced by our discipline to hit the gym

4. GeneSoc members also read story books for the children of HOPE Intervention Center in Calamba, Laguna.