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Golden Rice: Alleviating Global Vitamin A Deficiency through Genetic Engineering

By: Sean Lemuel L. Santos (Hybrizyme)
Edited by: Andrea Kariza Formantes (Cyclosome)
Researches about genetically modifying an organism are still a recurring issue in our society. Many anti-GMOs believe that these are unsafe for consumption yet despite the criticisms, scientists still continue to breed and improve on new crop varieties that will benefit the mankind.
In genetic engineering, a desired gene from a DNA of a certain organism is incorporated to the DNA of another organism. Unlike in conventional breeding, genetic engineering can generate desirable crops in a more specific way and at a faster pace. One promising genetically modified crop that is currently being developed is the Golden rice.
The development of the golden rice is due to the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency among children worldwide. In the Philippines alone, about 2.1 million children suffer from Vitamin A deficiency, as reported by Ocampo in 2017, which is a manifestation of the poverty in the country. Althoug…

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