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GeneSoc's One Gene: One Child Program reaches a decade

By: Louise Jan Lopez (Replichore)

LOS BAÑOS, LAGUNA - For 10 years in a row, The UPLB Genetics Society once again showed their love for the children of Hope Intervention Center in Calamba, Laguna on October 9, 2017 through its annual One Gene: One Child HOPE Intervention Program.
In the morning of October 9, GeneSoc arrived at the Hope Intervention Center in Villa Remedios, Calamba and met with the teachers and children of Hope. Each Gene approached a student of the center for One Gene: One Child and had a moment to interact with them and introduce themselves.
The Hope Intervention Center was established in 1998 for those parents who wanted special education for their children so that they could obtain the proper learning and understanding they need whilst their child’s disabilities. With the help of the City Social Services Office of Calamba and the Autism Society of the Philippines, the Hope Intervention Center was founded and has now more than 30 students and an increased number of te…

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